Spendelove Functions, Southport

Spendelove Bistro & Bar has a well-deserved reputation for hosting the best functions Southport can offer. It’s no secret. Ours are the functions people talk about for weeks and months after the event. At Spendelove, we guarantee celebrations and gatherings that are well planned, fuss-free and, most importantly, enjoyable for both guests and hosts.

At Spendelove we can cater for a wide array of evening events, ranging from wrap-up parties and cocktail parties, through to formal sit-down dinners. We really can do the lot. Spendelove provides the staff, including waiters and bar attendants, and we have kitchens with qualified chefs to prepare food for your function.

It doesn’t matter whether your function is simply sandwiches for eight people or a dining extravaganza for 800 – or even more – we will ensure your gathering is one to remember, for all the right reasons.

Importantly, at Spendelove we realise that no two functions are the same and that every client wants a special and unique celebration. With plenty of room to move and the space to set up your unique decorations, we can ensure your function is as individual as you or the guest of honour. And don’t worry if you have guests with special dietary requirements – our Southport catering team accommodates all types of diet and drink requests.

A comprehensive dining and drinks menu, service to be envied and a setting that can adapt to the occasion, Spendelove Bistro & Bar is the go-to destination for functions in Southport. No matter whether you phone, email or drop in, make sure you contact us to organise one of the functions Southport’s Spendelove Bistro & Bar is renowned for.