Do you do Wedding Catering?

At Spendelove Bistro & Bar, we provide exceptional wedding catering for you, either at our Southport establishment or at a venue of your choosing.

We’re hoping to organise a special function in Southport for family and friends. Does Spendelove host functions or should we look elsewhere?

Spendelove is renowned for the functions Southport locals yearn to be invited to. If you are planning a function for a small number of people or a crowd, Spendelove Bistro and Bar is happy to help. We can provide the staff, whatever type of menu you desire and will help you create the atmosphere best suited to your occasion.

We have a 40th birthday celebration coming up in our family. Can you provide catering at our home?

Absolutely! We are one of Southport’s premier catering companies and our experienced and enthusiastic team is able to bring the essence of Spendelove to wherever you want to gather people to celebrate and share good times and great food.

I’m meeting up with some girlfriends for a few hours shopping at the Ferry Road Market. We just want to take a break in the afternoon to enjoy a glass or two of wine. Can we make Spendelove Bistro & Bar our destination?

You certainly can. Spendelove Bistro & Bar is one of the most popular places to eat in Southport. Sit back, order a refreshing drink and spend some time catching up with friends.

We are visiting the Gold Coast and are looking for a restaurant to enjoy a long lunch!

Spendelove Bistro & Bar is the perfect location for you. Spend some time walking around the Ferry Road Market, and then head on in to find your table waiting for you. We have an all-day dining menu for you to choose from and delicious desserts to tempt the taste buds.