About Spendelove Bistro & Bar, Southport restaurant

Spendelove Bistro & Bar is situated within The Brickworks in Southport on the Gold Coast. Surrounded by the bustling Ferry Road Market, Spendelove is the perfect place to relax and have a drink, a bite to eat, or a sumptuous breakfast or leisurely lunch.

Where did the name “Spendelove” come from? The name is a tip of the hat to the original British owners of the brickworks – William, George and Eddie Spendelove. Their parents, Benjamin and Ann, immigrated to Australia in 1886 on a steamer from England. They settled on the land which is now home to The Southport School and their property consisted of eight acres which ran from the current site of the Gold Coast Hospital to Chevron Island.

Benjamin and Ann had 10 children and three of the brothers started and owned the original brickworks until the 1950s, when it became Southport Bricks. Spendelove bricks were known for their quality throughout Queensland, and the red and yellow bricks on our walls are from the brickworks themselves and we see them as a stylish nod to the history of the location.

The Brickworks is now a bustling shopping precinct incorporating the famous Ferry Road Market, and it has been the home of Spendelove Bistro & Bar since 2006. The team at Spendelove strive to provide our customers with exceptional dishes and an exceptional dining experience, and we continue to be one of the most popular places to eat in Southport for many Gold Coast locals and visitors alike.

Owners Rick and Simone Munday have a fresh approach to produce, with regular changes to the menu to present new and exciting dining options, including gluten free.

Evenings are when Spendelove Bistro & Bar open up for Southport functions on request. With the Ferry Road Markets closed at that time, you have total privacy in which to enjoy any event; birthdays, engagement, wedding, Christmas parties, wakes and all corporate functions. Whatever your needs, contact us and let our team will work with you to create a truly wonderful event.